Adams River Rafting

Located just a few blocks away from Scotch Creek Cottages

Adams river rafting is a great activity for all of the somewhat older children and up.

The Adams River Rafting company takes you on a great adventure with over an hour on the water down the scenic Adams River. Knowledgeable guides adding to the experience with interprative information about the area the waters, area native culture and some of the abundant wild life that may be encountered on the trip.

This is a special river flowing between the Adams Lake and the Shuswap Lake. Being fed from the Adams Lake helps make the river warmer than some. This allows for some unique swimming opportunities sometimes, including low cliff juming or drifting along with the boats when conditions allow.

Ideally river rafting should be booked in advance but if you are at the resort and decide you would like to take the trip it would still be worth calling to see if they can fit you in.

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For more information, please visit Adams River Rafting Website