Towable Tubes and Water Toys Rentals

Enjoy being out on the water on beautiful Shuswap Lake . Rent our Luxury 25 foot Pontoon Boat or our Ski Boat. Wake Boards, Tubes and Ski’s, Kayaks and Canoe also available.

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2018 Season Tube Rental Rates

Note: Tubes are only available to Scotch Creek Cottages or Boat Rental Customers

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Rental Length
 Large Tube
(2 or 3-seats)
Single Rider Rebel Tube Child Ski Training Tube
(Easy Ski)
Weekly $120 $90 $110
6 Consecutive Days $110 $80 $100
5 Consecutive Days $100 $70 $90
4 Consecutive Days $90 $60 $80
3 Consecutive Days $80 $50 $70
2 Consecutive Days $65 $40 $60
1 Day $45 $30 $40
4 Hours $35 $20 $30


Perhaps the real sport of the Shuswap is actually Tubing! Today’s youth love the whole idea of being dragged behind a boat, not on a wakeboard or set of water skis, but on an inflatable toy. Be it a nice gently tow, or one of those more exciting faster, curvier tows, tubes are it!

Single rider blue and white rebel tube.

Extra fun in pairs

Gone are the one man tire style tubes of our childhoods. Today’s tubes come in a variety of colors, styles, seating or laying, variations. Those one person “tires” still exist, but now they seem to be used in pairs. Two tow ropes and two riders on two tubes. Probably hoping to bounce off one another!

Blue and white two seat sit in tube.

Two Seat Dually Tube

Super Mable has extra versatility. It may be towed coming or going! Meaning that the Super Mable can be secured to the towing watercraft two different ways. The rider or riders can sit on Super Mable as if sitting on nice plump overfilled couch, or, turn Super Mable around, and kneel on her like you are looking over the back of a couch. Super Mable is the perfect inflatable for seniors or more cautious riders as it can be super stable.

The teens get a kick from the Predator. The Predator is a disk style inflatable with various hand grips on it. Most seem to like to lay down on the predator, and have more than one rider. Giggles abound as the prone rider or riders hang on and try to duck the spray!

Red and grey HO three seat inflatable.

Three Seat HO Tubes

Tubing is the best fun when the inflatables are filled with the perfect amount of air. Too little and they drag, potentially causing damage to the tube, stretching the rope, and making the boat work much too hard and consume excess gas. When properly filled, the fabric covering a tube should be wrinkle free and when pushed on, should be quite firm. Adults should be able to stand on a tube without sinking more than four to five centimeters.

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