Road Biking

Biking in the town of Scotch Creek right from the resort is great for all ages.  The town has many quiet roads throughout as well as easy bike access in to the Shuswap Lake Provincial Park and all the trails and paths it contains.  Most of these roads and trails are also fairly flat making them reasonable riding for the younger members of the family.  The kids often like making the highlight or mission of the ride to be the stop at the Park Store for the requisite ice cream break.

If you are looking for some great country biking that is more challenging we are in a impressive spot for that as well.  Starting right from the resort we are with in the out and back route defined in the Shuswap North Okanagan Cycle Touring Guide as North Shuswap to St. Ives.  This is a very interesting ride with many, historical sites marked by the Shuswap Historical Society, breathtaking lake views, lakeside riding and some moderate hill climbs.  It is a fairly narrow road with not a lot in the way of paved shoulders and with increased summer traffic caution should be exercised. But it is still a very worthwhile ride.  During the summer we prefer doing this one early morning. The whole defined route, out and back is about 84 km and we are at about km 12 so there are lots of options as to what portion of the ride to accomplish to suit your desires.

There are many other nice well defined cycle tour routes within short drives from the resort ranging in size form 6k to 100k.  Many of these cycle tour routes follow other arms of the lake on the winding shoreline; access roads transport you to new lake front rides.

Mountain Biking

Close to 500 km of mountain bike trails of great variety make the Shuswap Lake area a mecca of biking fun and adventure.